Become The Leanest, Strongest, And Most Confident Version Of Yourself With LEAN.

Most people spend years "working out", without achieving the lean, strong body you want. 

I used to make all the usual mistakes - not following a periodized training program, improper volume, the wrong exercise selection & sequencing, with a training split & rep ranges that don't match your goals.

My programs weren’t working for myself or my clients... not a good feeling.

This is why I created LEAN - to give you the 12 week training program and the knowledge you need to create the leanest, strongest, and most confident version of yourself.

Never again will you have to wonder if you’re “doing the right thing” in the gym - for yourself or a client.

Inside This 12 Week Phased Training Program, You'll Receive:

    Results: No more guessing in the gym. You'll finally be following a smart training program designed to build pain-free functional strength, lean muscle, and increased confidence.

    Education: LEAN is packed with education. You'll exactly how to build more effective training programs for yourself or your clients in the future. This is a crash course on smart program design with proven, sustainable methods.

    Fun: This is an exciting training program unlike anything you've followed before. You'll build a leaner, stronger body and fall in love with your training again.

    Your Ideal Volume & Intensity: LEAN is divided into 3 phases (4 weeks each). Every phase has a different focus, and undulates volume and frequency for maximal results. The 4x/week upper/lower split (plus two optional cardio/conditioning days) guarantees great results without over-training or living in the gym.

    Coaching: Example videos and coaching cues for every exercise to ensure your technique is perfect. It's like having a coach with you in the gym.

    You're 12 Weeks Away From Your Leanest, Strongest, Most Confident Self.

    LEAN - A 12 Week Training Program For Functional Strength & Lean Muscle

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